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Massimo Grazioli

My family runs the bakery since 1974, and is exactly the year when I started working on it myself. In 1993 my father died and everything goes in my hands and I try to draw a my way all focusing on the quality of the bread. In 1996 within the Richemont club (club for excellence bakery in the world) and I meet them Piergiorgio Giorilli that makes me discover the bread with yeast. In 1998, my daughter Julia was born and my mother yeast from rye flour and water skins of grapes that still use it for my bread. Always in search of history and excellence in bread, in 2006 meeting "Slow Food" and here the shock: the excellence in the bread you get certainly with professional excellence but also with the excellence of the ingredients that are used and, therefore, to step flours milled exclusively organic stone, sea salt Piran, malt by germinating barley and water without memory. In doing so I find myself doing the loaves that are inside people's memories and especially in our history. In 2011 he became a part of the project of the guys slow food "nutri Milan" where the cereal chain that I use to make bread is built with the farmsteads of the park south of Milan. So it becomes a producer on the land market of the Milan factory steam and "a subversive taste". In 2003 he is appointed president of the bakers in the area of ​​Legnano.

Today, every night, I wake up always with the same enthusiasm,
I go down in my oven and I do what I love most in the world...